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This quote does not constitute a lease agreement or guarantee the availability of the specified unit. This quote is valid until it expires as shown above, subject to change and availability. To secure the quoted terms, you must submit a completed application and pay any associated fees or deposits (if applicable) before someone else rents the apartment or this quote expires. Any changes to the lease term, move-in date, or unit selected may affect the rent, fees, charges, and/or deposits required. The property reserves the right to revise the terms, pricing, and availability until a completed application and any associated fees or deposits (if applicable) are submitted. Additional fees & charges, recurring or otherwise, may apply. Actual amounts may vary at the time they are charged based upon the then current policies and rates. Additional fees may apply per leaseholder. Deposit amounts may vary based on individual screening results. Monthly usage-based utility charges are not included in this quote and will vary upon usage.